Oi. Ok, explaining what all this is about could take awhile.

Short version, I’ve had various websites for a LOT of years. Most recently under the name “Positively Healthy”. It may or may not stick around, I’ve been having issues with it recently. But as I’ve been doing some other things, the stuff I want to post doesn’t always seem like it would fit with the “brand”.

I’ve had this domain for a long time as well, originally it was for some creative writing endeavors (which may still make a bit of an appearance here at some point.) But… since it really isn’t a thing of it’s own, I figure it may be a place to just put… everything. When nothing fits in, doesn’t everything fit right in?

As the sub-title implies, I’ll be posting about various stuff. And some other stuff. And more stuff. Seriously though, my main stuff right now focuses around food (mainly cooking of), gaming (primarily Minecraft), and the outdoors. Over time, I’ll be bringing a bunch of the older content over. Everything from educational stuff I’ve posted, radio show podcasts, recipes, my advocacy work, and various personal posts. That’s the “other stuff”. Older stuff will probably get re-posted with original posting dates (you can do that with WordPress ya know), so it’ll be easy to tell what’s old stuff. But I may also try to update some of it while I’m at it.

Labor Day bbq

As far as me… I’m a former Minnesotan now living in Washington. I’ve spent nearly half my working years in various commercial kitchens. Another chunk in construction management and now work primarily as a desk jockey. I am a bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) post-op, on the board of directors for the Obesity Action Coalition, and have done a variety of work in obesity advocacy and spoken at various professional conferences on obesity issues from a patient perspective. I was a co-host on a health and wellness radio show for nearly 3 years, I’ve tried the podcast thing a few times, and likely will again at some point. Tho lately I get a bit of a fix in that regard from streaming both gaming and cooking stuff on Twitch.

This really is going to be a mish-mash of a lot of stuff, I’ll try to make productive use of categories and tags to help make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. If you still can’t find it… feel free to reach out to me and I’ll see what I can do.