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why I chose to have bariatric surgery

Originally posted March, 2011 I wasn’t always “obese”, I don’t think I was even always overweight. I think I was a pretty average baby, and I was a fairly active kid. From second grade...

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spreading the (wrong) word

Bariatric Surgery (often referred to as weight loss surgery) tends to get maligned quite a bit, even though it is a time-tested method of maintaining long term weight loss. So it is always kind of nice when a prominent figure is open to discussing the success they have personally had with their surgery experience. But is having these celebs putting themselves out there, putting their message out there a good thing or not so good? How’s the saying go – any publicity is good publicity…?

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can I do this? can I not?

This is not my first blog. I was posting things about my hobbies and such, coding my own websites, long before “blogging” was a thing. One of my first domains was upmykilt.net. Back in...

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decisions, decisions

“You’ve made a decision.” That’s what my doctor told me this afternoon. I went to see him to get my flu shot, and I had a couple more questions for him before my initial...

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in my own words

In the further adventures towards a possible bariatric surgery, I received a “health history form” from the doctors at the bariatric clinic. It’s 15 pages of questions and such asking me about everything from...


smiling on the outside. sometimes.

My move to Washington seems to have me doing a lot of reflecting. It was my birthday the other day, (thank you again to everyone who messaged me with well wishes!) and I spent...

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NSAIDS and bariatric surgery

If you’re a bariatric patient, you’ve probably heard the “NO NSAIDS” mantra. When you ask “why not?”, the general response is “they can cause ulcers” or something along those lines. Which is true… but do...

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four years ago today

Four years ago today, right about now, I was being wheeled towards the operating room. My surgery was supposed to be about 1pm, but my surgeon, the wonderful Dr. Johnson over at Unity, had...

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a rose by any other name

Gastric Banding. Gastric Bypass. VSG. RNY. Sleeve. Stomach Stapling. Lap-Band. DS. And more. I think you get the idea. These are all names, or rather names use to identify different types of surgery. Well, different...


radio archive: an interview with rob

When we started up The Wake Up Call, there where three of us, Guy, Gizelle and myself. Our first few shows were used to introduce ourselves to the audience and try to give an...