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The Pickled Boar
The Pickled Boar Tavern

I’m not a “gamer”, but I’ve been playing video games since… well… since we got one of those pong things that hooks up to a TV. Then it was on my Commodore 64, then some PC gaming. I had a PS2 for awhile, and a Gameboy. But yea, the games I play are pretty much PC based.

One of my favorites early on was Racing Destruction Set on the C64. They’ve got this new C64 out, and if I could get that game, I would get one. On PC I’ve enjoyed the Batman Arkham games, the newer iterations of the Tomb Raider stuff. These days, 90+ per cent of what I play is Minecraft, with a bit of Running with Rifles tossed in here and there. I may dive into others again at some point, I still have to finish Arkham Knight, for example. We’ll see.

Running with Rifles – Railroad Gap

Most of what I post here about games will likely be Minecraft related. I started playing back around, or even before version 1.08. At first I played on a table, back when the entire world was a 64×64 block. Then I moved to the java version on PC. I would start up a game, do some mining, a bit of building, explore the world a bit. Often I would bounce between creative and survival mode. then I would get bored and walk away for months before returning to play again.

overview in November, 2020

Then, 2020 hit. Around March I cranked up the game again. But for some reason, this time, I started watching some Minecraft content on YouTube. I built a castle based on a tutorial from Jeracraft. It was after watching this I decided I wanted to start a world that was strictly survival and just keep going.

I named my world Infinite Realities after the setting that the original Pickled Boar was to be part of, and just started building. I was on version 1.15 when I started. And until 1.16 and the Nether Update came out, I had never actually been to the Nether. I fought the dragon for the first time on New Years Day of 2021.

Nether Hub – August 2020

I’m not going dwell on what was going on in 2020, but Minecraft was helped me mentally get through it. It was a creative outlet, an escape. It led to me finding a number of great people through online communities on first YouTube, then Discord and then Twitch.

While I have been returning my attention to other hobbies that were put on a bit of a hold during the worst of things, Minecraft is still something I enjoy playing, as much now as I ever have, and I’m looking forward to posting updates about what I’m building in Infinite Realties, as well as sharing a bit about other games I play here and there.