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a sleepy hollow feast

My recently started Sunday night cooking streams meant I was going to be streaming on Halloween, so I wanted to do something special, but not just your typical … like.. decorated cookies or something....

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birds into butterflies

Ok, this may be one of my worst play on words for a post title ever. And technically it’s not even butterflying the bird, it’s spatchcocking. But as popular as it seems to have...

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spreading the (wrong) word

Bariatric Surgery (often referred to as weight loss surgery) tends to get maligned quite a bit, even though it is a time-tested method of maintaining long term weight loss. So it is always kind of nice when a prominent figure is open to discussing the success they have personally had with their surgery experience. But is having these celebs putting themselves out there, putting their message out there a good thing or not so good? How’s the saying go – any publicity is good publicity…?

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to this day…

One of the side effects of moving my content from my old site over here is revisiting old posts such as this one. The topic of bullying, in particular about weight, strikes a chord...

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my first stream! grilled cheese & tomato soup

I’ve been wanting to try live streaming some cooking for awhile. When we first looked at the place we moved into this summer, I felt this kitchen layout would make it possible. It took...

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bread making resources

This is one part of a number of posts I have about bread making. This particular one is a compilation of resources I’ve used to learn and even go back to as I do...