a sleepy hollow feast

My recently started Sunday night cooking streams meant I was going to be streaming on Halloween, so I wanted to do something special, but not just your typical … like.. decorated cookies or something. So I looked to the past – with the help of YouTube channels like Townsends I found some historic recipes, and since once of them I ended up doing was mentioned as part of the feast that took place in Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I went with that for a theme.

[twitchtv url=”https://www.twitch.tv/rmcnee/v/1192608347″ width=”800″]

I had a bit of a glitch, which I wonder if it was widespread because I saw other streamers have similar issues just after I wrapped up for the night. Anyways, the above video is the bulk of the stream, I did a quick restart towards the end after I started eating. You can catch the rest on Twitch if you want. I’ll be editing and putting the whole thing on YouTube later…

I went with fresh fish for the main item. During the late 1700’s, it likely would have been Shad or something similar. I don’t have access to it, and it took some shopping around to even find whole fish. I ended up with a Branzino, essentially a Mediterranean sea bass. I broiled it stuffed with lemon and carrots with green beans n the side. Also from that era, I did some ginger cakes. There was a recipe for a chocolate dessert in a “casket”, which was essentially a box made from a stiff pastry. I attempted the box, but filled mine with what was essentially a Scotch egg. I decorated it a bit with more pastry cut out like skull and bones. It looks like it was victim of a grave robbery, but it tasted delish.

Once I edit the stream into a video for YouTube, I may edit this post with some more info on the individual items, or maybe do some separate posts… we’ll see.

But yea, it was a great night overall, I had a few people that kept me company the entire evening, I broke 100 follows, and got my first two subscribers. A thanks to everyone, and especially ShortZelda22 and JMoTheSchmo, my first two subs and two streamers I follow that have been not only fun to watch, but encouraging and supportive as I took on my own streaming endeavors. So go check them out!

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  1. 2021-11-02

    […] are from a recent stream I did, a Sleepy Hollow themed meal for Halloween. These ginger cakes are nice on their own, not too sweet with a soft, cakey texture. […]

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