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ginger cakes 0

old recipes: ginger cakes

These are from a recent stream I did, a Sleepy Hollow themed meal for Halloween. These ginger cakes are nice on their own, not too sweet with a soft, cakey texture. But… I accidentally...


a sleepy hollow feast

My recently started Sunday night cooking streams meant I was going to be streaming on Halloween, so I wanted to do something special, but not just your typical … like.. decorated cookies or something....


streaming sunday: roast chicken

It’s Sunday, which means another LIVE cooking stream. Tonight we’re doing roast chicken and vegetables. Despite the image I’m using here, this chicken I’ll be spatchcocking, cooking directly on one of the oven grates...

Grilled Cheese - Tomato Soup 0

my first stream! grilled cheese & tomato soup

I’ve been wanting to try live streaming some cooking for awhile. When we first looked at the place we moved into this summer, I felt this kitchen layout would make it possible. It took...