bariatric patients: why you shouldn’t drink while eating

This is a video I did not too long after my own bariatric surgery back in 2009 as a visual to help understand why there’s the rule about not drinking while eating or for awhile just after. It’s great to hear from folks time and again how this has helped them visualize just why they have been told this over and over, that how before seeing this, they just didn’t get why it was a big deal.

This video was from a time before the sleeve procedure was so prevalent, and while the sleeve doesn’t behave in quite the same way as the pouch from a RNY or band, some of the overall effects still apply. While it’s on a YouTube channel I no longer maintain, I’m leaving it here because there are a lot of places that still link to it, and people that find it useful.

If you find it useful, please, leave a comment and let me know…

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