Author: Rob Portinga


lessons learned: keep trying

You don’t always reach your goal the first time. So just try again. When hiking, this can happen all the time. I was snowshoeing near Mt. Rainier with a friend, and as we got...


carrot pudding. yes, carrot pudding.

Yea, I know it sounds weird, but it’s not. It’s tasty. Trust me. The camera does not do this justice. This recipe is originally from the 1777 printing of Cookery and Pastry as taught...


best. dog. ever.

Growing up we had a Dalmatian by the name of Rebel. A liver-spotted, pure-bred with one blue eye and one brown eye. It’s cliché of course, but he was the best. dog. ever. Growing...

Deception Pass Bridge 0

lessons learned: not a straight line

Reaching that summit is not a “straight line”. Weight loss doesn’t happen in a straight line. Even when maintaining, your weight can tend to fluctuate up and down. And when it comes to climbing...


an a-peel-ing gift

If you happen to catch one of my cooking streams, if there’s a veggie to be peeled you will see me pull out this ancient looking device pictured below. I’ve tried a number of...