hello again…

Me on the interwebs, take… umm… 6? Let’s see… there was the AOL based sites, upmykilt.net, portinga.org, formerfatdudes.com, positively-healthy.com. I think I’m missing one or two in there somewhere. These are various websites I’ve used for my personal sites here and there over the years.

So why another new one?

Well, I hadn’t quite planned on totally replacing positively-healthy (+H). It’s a site I started when I was considering getting into health coaching, and it also worked for a lot of the other projects I’ve done in recent years. Cooking, advocacy and more. But it’s not quite a fit for EVERYTHING I want to be putting out here, so I was going to start leaning on pickled boar more.

However, +H got hacked on me. It’s been infected with some malicious scripting that redirects pages and now is making it so I am having trouble even salvaging everything. I’m still working on a solution… because I do want to just keep it up, out there. If nothing else to redirect some of my more popular stuff over to here when I repost it.

That may happen yet, we’ll see. I’ve got over 300 posts/recipes and more over there, so it’s not like I can just pop everything up over here. But I am going to start shoving stuff over here, much of it getting an update if needed. Either to images, content, or both.

And yes, I know this design is pretty much the same as +H was, but ya know… I like it. The color combo, the clean look. I tried to some up with something different, and not to say I won’t do so at some point, but right now, I’m sticking with it.

So… anything posted with a date before this particular post, is stuff you know was brought over from +H. If it’s showing up after this point… well… it may have been pre-existing stuff I felt needed enough of a refresh that it should get a new post date, or it’s entirely new stuff. Either way, take a look around… with as eclectic as my interests can be, I bet you’ll find something you like. Check out the pages on the menu to get some idea of the categories of content you’ll find, or just start clicking stuff at random. Up to you!

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