lessons learned: put it behind you

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There will be obstacles along the way, or the path we need to take may not be very obvious. Things will get difficult at times, but you need to be careful about letting them take over everything before you. Dwelling on them may either block your view of what lies for you further down the path, or allow these things to overshadow you.

I’m not suggesting ignoring it, or totally forgetting about it, we can learn from these challenges. But also don’t let it consume you. Allow yourself to put them behind you, and they’ll continue to become smaller and smaller. You may need help from others to do so, reach out if needed, not every challenge must be faced alone.

The more you put that mountain behind you, the more it looks like just a molehill.

Is there a mountain you’re facing that could be left behind you at this point? Is there a molehill in your past that you once thought you would never get over? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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