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As you’re on the road, or maybe the trail, towards healthy living, there are times you really need to make sure you are staying on the straight and narrow. Times where you need to be careful about straying off the path.

Kendal Katwalk

When I’m actually hiking, there’s lots of trails like this. It could literally be that stepping off the side of the trail leads to a 40-50 foot drop to the bottom of a ravine, like here on Kendal Katwalk, part of the Pacific Crest Trail in the Snowqualmie Pass area.

Kendal Katwalk View

Or maybe it’s because straying to much off the path is damaging to the surrounding wildlife, or any number of other reasons.


As you’re working towards your own health goals, straying from your plan, straying too far from your path may not leave you at the bottom of a literal ravine, but it can prevent you from reaching your goals. That can lead to discouragement, which may lead to loss of motivation and more.

When hiking, the path is often already laid out before us, but we get to choose which which trail we’re going to hike, what destination we want to reach. There are resources such as maps, guide books, ranger stations and more to help us pick those destinations. There are those with previous experience that can guide us, give us helpful insight on how we might reach that destination for ourselves. Then, it is up to us to put one foot in front of the other, taking us down that path towards our destination.

In healthy living, we get to set our goals, we get to plan our paths. But we have experts we can turn to for guidance. Resources we can tap into for help. But it is up to us to put those plans into motion, to see them through. And staying on that path is what helps us get there.

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